Reinvent road services with us.

We are TRAVIS a software scale-up based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Our platform connects thousands of transport companies with more than 1500 service providers like truckwash stations, workshops, secured parking lots all over Europe. With TRAVIS, carriers can take full control of their fleet's service use, for a fraction of the price and most importantly... without any hassle. Perhaps you're not quite sure yet as to what this all means. Rest assured, we just need a day or two and you'll be all up to scratch. Believe us when we tell you that the European truckwash industry alone, business worth hundreds of millions. Oh, we also believe trucks are fully autonomous by 2030. And that's when things really get interesting. Want to be there when it happens? Jump on board and enjoy the ride.

"We envision a future, in which autonomous vehicles find, book and pay the best available road service based on real-time data. 

Meet your future colleagues


Head of Sales

There's nothing better than working with a team of like-minded individuals to create real solutions for real businesses with real challenges. Welcome to TRAVIS! 


Marketing Lead

TRAVIS (and it's people) are filled to the brim with potential. I aim to create focus and enable those around me to work to the best of their abilities!


Lead Architect

I love to help teams learn and grow. With my fair share of experience in tech start-ups, I can play to my strengths and take the development team to the next level.


Account Executive 

I really love to get to know everyone I meet. I thrive when I get to interact and build lasting relationships with people. And that's exactly what I get to do in my job!

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